Hydrogen Production and Electrical Power Generation

It is our pleasure to announce complete HHO project with valuable by Hydrogen
production by minimum electrical power consumption.

We have developed a Hydrogen production equipment that we are using for continuous running of an electric power generator.

And we reach to the point to use between 10 to 15 percent(%) of the produced electricity to run Hydrogen generator continuously and the rest 85% to 90% of generated electric power is the benefits from produce electricity.

This number was driven from our standard Hydrogen Generator Model-1 and 12KW Gas Power Generator combination.

The equipment is based on the usual Electrolysis for the production of hydrogen with the resonance of frequencies that we reach to the point to maximize the hydrogen production.
So that, we can have an output of almost 90% efficiency to produce electricity.

Therefore, our hydrogen production systems running only WATER and equipped own BATTERY, without outside electrical power, fuel or gas supply.

The whole equipment is easy to transport in a solid box and is ideal for the electric power production in any place.
The total weight is with the generator around 120Kg.

We are willing and able to present to you and to demonstrate how it works and which are the benefits.