Organic Biological(biochemical) Enhancer

Fruit, vegetables, crops and all applicable with environmental biochemical. From seedlings, cultivation, and until harvesting,,
It is very organized to plant roots by using up all the time by active management.

Disease resistance of vegetable, Fruit and crops to promote fertility and help rapid control pathogenic fungi.

Quick resilience by over dosing of chemical pesticide or chemical pesticide problem. Great vitality despite the conditions of acid and alkaline.

 Immature organic matter decompose quickly improve the soil and promote plant growth.
 Improve 20% ~ 30% more harvest.

 Nice-Gro used by mixing any organic and chemical fertilizers.
 Nice-Gro improved soil condition damaged by chemical fertilizers.

Dilution ratio :
Nice-grow : water = 1 :  500 ~1000

spray or supply on Leaves, fruits and soil.
continue to apply with every 2 ~ 4 weeks.
With one liquid bottle(250mL) can treat 0.25 Acres appx.