Biological Insecticide  

It is a safe, environmentally and  friendly most pest control for the control of leaf rollers, cabbage worm, gypsy moth, tomato tent caterpillars, hornworm,  and other insects.

Also it is Ideal for use on fruits, vegetables, trees, ornamental and evergreens.
These insecticide made from biological method naturally,

The Product name of BIO-HAECHUNG can the most widely used biological insecticide in the world, registered for use on a variety of ornamentals to control more than 30 species of insects.

• BIO-HAECHUNG effects outstanding control of worms, including loopers,    tobacco budworms and armyworms.

• Its liquid or dry flowable formulation is dust free and allows more convenient handling and more accurate measuring.

• BIO-HAECHUNG is biodegradable and has no harmful on humans,    non target animals or the environment.