Anthracnose Pesticide
(Concentrated Liquid)

Anthracnose disease is an affliction that can affect plants in almost anyone’s Farm or garden.
A once healthy fruit tree or vegetables, lawn or stand of trees can suddenly change color, wither, rot
and die in a surprisingly shortri peood fm tie.


Mega-Power was developed biochemically with
special microbes for natural anthtracnose pesticide

This is world’s first.

The product eliminates the anthracnose mainly through spraying,
resulting in excellent effects.

It has the characteristics of long and fast effects after spraying;
It can immediately develop its function of preventing the anthracnose
from forming, damaging the crops.

That is, if the anthracnose which has not been sprayed with the pesticide
are doomed to die withoutand prevent anthracnose
with various fruit plants and vegetables.

Dilution ratio :

Mega-Power : water = 1 : 500 ~ 1000


spray or supply on Leaves, fruits and soil.
continue to apply with every 2 ~ 4 weeks.
With one liquid or powder bottle(250mL )
can treat 0.25 Acres appx.