The Colloidal line is a series of cultured bioreagents, which were designed to remove persistent contaminants in waste-water systems such as:

Heavy metals
Inks, Pigments and Dyes
Emulsified Fats, Oil and Grease
Helps reduce TDS and EC’s vs. other chemistries

Our reagents have a high affinity to most contaminants in waste-water systems and thus convert colloidal sols to a separable granule form, which is easily collectable, as demonstrated above. The resulting purified water contains such an easily separable form, which could be filtered out.

Each blend has a strong reactivity to common contaminants that accelerates a coagulation process, separates emulsified oils dispersed in waters, changes their pH, encapsulates inorganic residues, and flocculates to separate solids from waste systems.

It encapsulates contaminants in strong Floc by converting common contaminants to a sludge form; the resulting water is reusable or to be discharged directly to sewer.

The processing time is also greatly reduced by developing a rapid reactivity to deal with a fast running water system and thereby purifying water effectively.