The Vasco Technology Fuel Cell system is a next generation eco-friendly energy source that does not emit   environmental pollutants and very high efficiency.

Vasco Technogy Inc. The fuel cell system is an electric generator that produces hydrogen by using only 100% water.

And generates electricity by electrochemically reacting with oxygen in the air. It features high efficiency (more than 60%) and eco-friendliness And can supply electricity to electric power generation, industrial and commercial buildings.

Also Our hydrogen generation system can generate up to 5 Megawatts of electricity per unit.


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We develop activated bacteria, organic reagents, and green fertilizers for mine, agricultural, and environmental business.
We also develop natural materials for green energy.

We are a professional research institution and manufacturers of biological and biochemical pesticide, natural insect-fungicide and biochemical fertilizer from natural biological plant for agriculture and far infrared storage for fruit and vegetables in Korea and United State.

In 2017 we have finished development very fast and effective Anti-aging products like Anti-Aging Soap, Anti-Aging Spray and Anti-Aging drink products with natural ingredient materials. 

Also in 2018 we are engaged in HIGH performance HYDROGEN ELECTRIC GENERATOR SYSTEMS which is 100%  working with water only without other power source input for generating  hydrogen gas.

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