‘Q-Beta’ is a patented product, a mixture of surfactants and activated/cultured biomaterials.

It has a multifunctional performance for a variety of tasks.   ‘Q-Beta’ can be added directly in water systems to initially purify water by biomaterials.
‘Q-Beta’ effectively reduces
VOC’s and odors by decreasing the agitation and eliminating sheen on contact, making it ideal for use in confined or poorly ventilated areas and around waterways.

Most importantly, ‘Q-Beta’ also contains a highly stable oxygen sources, which generates oxygen after decomposition.    The oxygen generation is also beneficial to our world.

‘Q-Beta’ eliminates unwanted hydrocarbon wastes by transforming them into harmless, odorless components.  Any targeted organics and hydrocarbon wastes ranges from food greases  to benzenes, can be eliminated by activated bacteria.

This agent resolves many problems associated with a biological oxygen demand (BOD) or a chemical oxygen demand (COD) in water systems or sewers.

‘Q-Beta’ inhibits oils by attaching to the surfaces, reduces nozzle plugging, algae, foul odors, vapors, and bottom sludge.

‘Q-Beta’ is also useful to clean the engine rooms, decks, bilges, sewer systems, lift stations, grease traps, and septic tanks.

Not to be confused with a drain opener or enzyme treatment, ‘Q-Beta’ is a sophisticated tool for a long term preventative maintenance.

It is also excellent for use in the water tanks used for testing the boats and the watercrafts after repairing to reduce oily build-ups and odors while inhibiting oils from sticking to the hulls.