‘Vasco Technology Inc’ have been developing innovative purifying technologies by employing natural and safe reagents to clean our environment. We have been brining non-toxic alternatives to hazardous chemicals for agricultural or mine or plant or environmental business.

‘Q-Bio’ has been developed based on bio-cultured bacteria with a multidisciplinary performance.   It has a broad application that effectively decomposes most common bio-organic residues/impurities. The multifunctional bio-activators not only enhance a biological conversion capability to decompose bio-organic residues but also create oxygen.

The key attribute of ‘Q-Bio’ is the ability to decompose bio-organic contaminates at the molecular-level and thus chemically break-down by employing activated living bacteria system.

‘Q-Bio’ thus has a unique ability to increase gas transfer rates and the oxygen concentration (DO) in water, thereby facilitating Nature’s fundamental mechanism for our qualified life, especially purifying wastewater systems.

‘Q-Bio’ has been used over the past several years and also improved by our continuous and extensive research. ‘Q-Bio’ is a patented product and available for a diverse applications, including water purifications, wastewater managements, hydrocarbon remediations, soil conditionings, and non-toxic cleanings so on.