‘Vasco Technology Inc’ has been developing a variety of cleaning solutions/reagents based on bioactivated reagents, including cultured bacteria for agricultural or mine or plant or farming or environmental business to safely remove unwanted impurities/residues/rusts.

We produce ‘Q-SOL’ to remove unwanted bio-organic residues/impirities by employing an activated bacteria system, which effectively decomposes organics.  Most importantly, our patented bacteria not only decompose impurities/contaminants but also create a lot of oxygen;
it has multiple performances. All of our cleaning agents/solutions are based on environmentally-friendly reagents and cultured bacteria to protect our clean environment.

‘Q-Mineral Cleaner’ has been developed to remove unwanted inorganic impurities/ residues/rusts by employing activated organic reagents, which have strong reactivity to most inorganic elements.

It can be useful to purify/clean inorganic residues/rusts in contaminated soils or minerals without using any toxic chemicals or strong inorganic acids; especially persistent iron residues.

It is based on an aqueous solution containing activated organic reagents, which show strong reactivity/enhanced affinity to most inorganic rusts/residues by a multiple bond formation.

Technical grade, Aqueous solution
Cleaning /Washing most inorganic Impurities/Residues/Rusts

Natural Supplier for Farming/Agricultural/Plant/Mine/Environmental business;
Bio-cultured Plant Foods, Fertilizers, Mineral Treatments, Organic Agents.

NFPA : Health : 2
Fire : 0
Reactivity : 0